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Video "PRESTO project in a nutshell" - the video contains a general outlook of the PRESTO project main features and an interview with the Engineer-Technologist Svetlana Orlova about the Grodno waste water treatment plant.
Project brochure - the brochure provides a concise overview of the project actions to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.
Project leaflet - the leaflet supply a brief introduction of the project key concepts.
Project poster - the project poster presents the project main goals and objectives.
Project roll up poster - the roll up poster lists the project aims in both English and Russian language.
Eutrophication poster - the eutrophication poster gives an insight into the problem of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.


PRESTO project Newsletter 1/2012 - In this issue the Project manager Pekka Salminen from the Union of the Baltic Cities gives an introduction to the project goals and key objectives. Follows, a summary from project launching conference in Belarus and the explanation of the challenges related to eutrophication.
PRESTO project Newsletter 2/2012 - In the second issue the joint actions undertaken by the EU and Belarus to curb the eutrophication in the Baltic Sea are underlined. PRESTO technological forum held in San Petersburg between the 22nd and the 25th of May 2012 is also described followed with the feature story regarding the Vitebsk waste water plant.
PRESTO project Newsletter 3/2013 - In the third issue, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus presents the actions undertaken by the country to tackle the problem of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. To follow, an account of the Water Management Policy forum held in Minsk on the 27th of March 2013, a new cooperation prospect and Belarusian development of a legislative framework to enforce the Protocol on Water and Health annexed to the Helsinki Convention.
PRESTO project Newsletter 4/2014 - In this issue the goals achieved through the project are sumed up. Next, an account of the final conference on the PRESTO project held in Helsinki on the 11th of February 2014, Daugavpils investments in modern laboratory equipment, and other feature stories regarding the project partners recent activities.


Presentations on lessons learn in PRESTO (H. Yliruusi, UBC), capacity development cooperation (J. Kilpi-Koski, LADEC), energy efficiency in wastewater treatment (M. Barjenbruch, Berlin Technical University), and sludge handling alternatives (T. Tenno, University of Tartu).

Book "Good Practices in Sludge Management" in English (with an appendix) and Russian languages - an output of PURE project, presents technical solutions used in sludge handling and disposal processes, compares the results achievable by application of different techniques, explores relevant emerging technologies and legal limitations for the further sewage sludge use.

"Good Practices in Sludge Management" flyer